About us

Our aim is to provide a personal training service to computer users.

We help existing users to improve their skills, and guide novices to benefit from computer technology.

Itís easy to find a course online, or to buy a teach-yourself book. Itís not so easy when you hit an error message or canít understand an instruction.

The Computer School was founded by John Snelling (MSc in e-business) after numerous "how do I....?" requests from his family, and repeated attempts to explain jargon, downloads, viruses, error messages and the like!
It was obvious that it was so much easier to have a person on hand to demonstrate a task, or to answer a question, than to struggle alone.

So we are here to provide that personal link, to solve your problems and to help you to learn new skills.

We have a teaching room with 10 stations equipped with desktop and laptop computers, or you can bring your own. We can also arrange home tuition if you prefer.

So call us on 01295 298 298 and let us help you.

We Offer

Personal and patient tuition here in Banbury.
Flexible topics where you can learn at your own speed.

Group and Individual Lessons

A lesson for one or more people on a topic chosen by you.
Address a particular problem or learn a completely new skill.
Held in our training room here in Banbury.
Use our computer or bring your own laptop.
Or arrange a lesson in your own home with your own computer.

Group Courses and seminars

Courses that run over several weeks and cover a particular area of interest.
One hour lessons over three or six weeks.
One day seminars.

Computer Buddies

In addition to traditional lessons and courses,
we offer our brand new concept, 'Computer Buddies'.

A combination of Internet Cafe and Personal Tuition, held at our training room.
A 90 Minute Session where you have the use of a computer
(or you can bring your own).
A patient, friendly tutor will be on hand to answer
your question and solve any issues.

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If you can't see the course or times you want,
Register an Interest
and we'll do our very best to run a course to suit you