Getting Online

Course: Using the internet


On this course you will learn how to get online and navigate websites; also how to stay safe online and how to use the internet to communicate with others.

If you've never used the internet, or want to expand your current experience, this course is for you.

Course Content

  • Week 1 - Introduction

    The World Wide Web - what it is and how to access it; how to go directly to a site; how to use a search engine.

  • Week 2 - Understanding Websites

    What is a website? How to navigate sites; how they work; common difficulties and how to troubleshoot.

  • Week 3 - The Endless Possibilities

    Looking at a variety of different websites; what can be done online such as finding information, creating online accounts, passwords, internet banking, catching up on missed TV programmes, buying on eBay, saving money...whatever you want to find!

  • Week 4 - Security

    How to stay safe online; is the internet dangerous?; what is "hacking" and how to stop it; "cookies" and how to prevent unwanted information.

  • Week 5 - Getting Social

    Everyone's talking about it - communicating has never been easier! using emails, Facebook or Twitter, long distance chat via Skype; using forums

  • Week 6 - Floating in the Cloud

    Looking at "Cloud" services; what they are and what they can mean for you; using Google docs, Evernote, Dropbox to enhance your online experience.


You should have a basic knowledge of using a computer such as opening programs and using files and folders.

You do not need to have an internet connected computer as we will provide these during the course, as well as making them available during Buddies Sessions.


It is not necessary to purchase or read any books to attend this course. However, we recommend the following magazine and book titles that may be of interest.

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