Website Creation Courses

We have 2 courses available for budding web developers, as well as a seminar aimed at peole who are planning to have a website built and want to find out what to do next

Course: Introduction to HTML


This course is for those who want to build a basic website (with about 5 pages) or those who are frustrated by the limitations of online building packages.

If you want to learn about HTML and produce a basic website this course is for you.

Course Content

  • Week 1 - Introduction

    Looking at the building blocks of a website (hardware, domain names, computer language); how to plan the look and layout of the site; defining practical goals.

    Investigating the structure of an HTML document; web standards; the importance of usability and accessibility; writing simple HTML with headings, lists, tables, images and hyperlinks.

  • Week 2 - Styling with CSS

    How to apply styling to your pages; changing layout, colour and other elements; discussing the use of JavaScript.

    Using the knowledge from the previous two lessons; addressing any issues; working on the site.

  • Week 3 - Adding Elements

    Adding "3rd party" components such as social media links, Google analytics, image galleries.

    Validating the site; getting onto the host server; the importance of testing and improving, modifying and updating the site once launched.


Ability to use a word processor such as Word.

It would be useful to have an idea for a simple website that you would like to create.

Please bring any images and copy that you would like to incorporate.

Also, please feel free to bring your own laptop if you would like to use it to develop the site on.


It is not necessary to purchase or read any books to attend this course. However, we recommend the following magazine and book titles that may be of interest.

  • .Net Magazine
  • Web Developer magazine
  • Design basics handbook
  • W3Schools website

Course: Updating your website


This course is for those who already have a website and want to make updates easily and cheaply.

If you need to update your website, don't pay a regular fee for each and every change. Learn to make amendments yourself.

Course Content

  • Week 1 - Introduction

    Looking at the current websites; identifying changes required; creating backups and setting up programs for updating contents.

    Opening sites in editing programs; identifying visual changes; how to undo work; making brave changes.

  • Week 2 - Looking at the code

    Important aspects of HTML and CSS; how the codes can be used to effect changes to the site.

    Consolidation - A review of previous work; putting learning into practice; Specific questions on issues raised to date.

  • Week 3 - "3rd Party" Components

    Looking at these existing components; Google analyitics; discussing search engine optimisation.

    Researching new programs from other sources; shopping carts, booking systems; adding to the site.


We will ask you to send us the URL of your website, so that we can check the technology the website is built with, ensuruing that you will be able to benefit from the course

You will also need to bring some details about the site, such as where it is hosted and what the password is. We will help you to get these details before the course starts

You should have the ability to use a word processor such as Word.


It is not necessary to purchase or read any books to attend this course. However, we will recommend magazine and book titles that may be of interest.

Seminar: planning a website


If you are planning to build a website for yourself or your business, but need help getting started, this seminar is for you

Course Content

  • Hour 1 - Introduction

    We'll define what a website actually is and look at how you can decide on the right type of site for your business. we'll also look at the process of building a site.

  • Hour 2 - Planning your site

    We'll look at registering domains, potential website technologies and the best way to approach the build, should you do it yourself, use an online service or have a freaalancer or agency do it for you?

    Should it be a static site, use an existing Content management system such as Wordpress, Drupal or DotNetNuke, or be bespoke? we'll look at these issues in detail and help you to make an informed decision.

  • Hour 3 - Getting your site up and running

    Once you've decided on the approach, you need to manage it. we'll look at how to approach managing trhe build and dealing with the inevitable alterations and possible overruns as well as asking 'how much will it cost?

  • Hour 4 - Usability, Accessibility and Regulations

    All areas of business have important relevant regulation, and building a website is no different. we'll look at how laws relating to marketing and accessibility apply, as well as accepted bets practice in areas such as usability.

    we'll then look at laws relating specifically to the internet and international regulations that it is important to be aware of.

  • Hour 5 - Additional site features

    SEO, Adwords, Analytics.... we'll look at some of the buzz-words often used in the web world and demystify them for you.

  • Hour 6 - Managing your site

    Finally, the site is built, and you've handed over the cheque, but what nex? a website needs maintenance and we will discuss some of the strategies that can bve used to ensure your site stays current and continues to serve its purpose.


The only pre-requisite for this seminar is that you want to promote your business, club or other activity on the internet using a website, blog or social media.


It is not necessary to purchase or read any books to attend this course. However, we will recommend magazine and book titles that may be of interest.

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